I have wanted to do more pics in a Daddy!Jackson verse and when I found some adorable pics of a father and his baby in an image reference database I knew I wanted to do a version where it was Jackson holding the baby.

Here is the rough sketch based on the reference I did. The image is complete but I will post the finished lineart on it’s own post.

It’s marine!Jackson home on leave.

If there is one thing that Jackson laments about on a near daily basis in regards to his new life it’s the fact that there is no way of making the coats they have to wear even remotely fashionable. Especially the baggy ones he is stuck wearing untill he can learn to use that space-thingy the others do. 

(found a concept for duncan and jackson I decided to finish. Also found an old halfway done pic of the great three - connor, duncan, and ramirez from an au headcanon where ramirez never died - and decided to combine the two: connor and duncan are from the old pic, jackson from the new one. I might finish the original with macleod + ramirez at some point since I already hace the lineart done for connor and duncan. I am not above reusing old linearts :D)

Yesterday I was looking for a specific Danny picture I drew because of reasons… :)

I didn’t find it (it was probably in the drive that died on me), but during the course of looking for it I found several other wip’s I’d completly forgotten about. 

I finished one of them yesterday :D 

Same picture as the one I did for the color meme, but color balanced and curve adjusted.